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Gulag America and the Doctrine of Inherent Goodness

May 16, 2011


Author: Stan Moody Why are Americans so easily caught off guard by evil? Is it because we have embraced the doctrine of the inherent goodness of mankind to the exclusion of the reality of our own individual and national evil? You would think that the experience of repeated failings as the moral conscience of the […]

War and Prison: Instruments of Christian Darwinism

April 29, 2011


Author: Stan Moody A wise person once said something to me that I never forgot: “All evil goes back to ‘I want to be somebody.’” Reflect on the evil that has occurred in your own life or on the evil that you have inflicted on others. At the root is the scramble to become or […]

Tea Party: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité”

January 27, 2011


Author: Stan Moody: Madame Defarge is a pivotal passive/aggressive character in Dickens’ novel, A Tale of Two Cities. She emerges quietly sitting and knitting in a wine shop, every stitch symbolizing the names of her intended victims, justifying on political grounds that which is highly personal. She simply cannot abide anyone with a touch of […]