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Death of bin Laden: Doomsday or Renewal?

May 6, 2011


Author: Stan Moody We are left to speculate as to the effect of the execution of Osama bin Laden on the American psyche. On a feeding frenzy since 9/11, the military industrial complex, the most self-conscious wing of corporate capitalism, will need the kind of resuscitation that only money can buy. There appears to be […]

Advocacy Group Opposes Bill To Move Prisoners Out of Maine

April 1, 2011


AUGUSTA — The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-PAC) will vigorously oppose a bill that would allow the Department of Corrections Commissioner, for the first time in Maine’s history, to ship Maine’s prisoners to out-of-state corporate prisons “for any purpose,” coalition leaders said Friday. The proposed law, known as L.D. 1095, titled, “An Act to Facilitate the […]

Prison Advocacy Group Files Federal Complaint on Prisoner Deaths

March 18, 2011


Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-PAC) Jonathan M. Smith, Chief Civil Rights Division RE: Request for Investigation Special Litigation Section of Maine Department of Corrections U.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20530 March 17, 2011 Dear Jonathan M. Smith: The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-PAC), a growing coalition of human rights […]

Maine’s Sex Offender Conundrum

March 16, 2011


Author: Stan Moody On January 3, 2011, when the 125th Maine Legislative Session was still a gleam in every new legislator’s eye, the Kennebec Journal published an article by Mal Leary of Capitol News Service. Title of the article: “Lawmakers Brace for Sex Offender Bills.” Oh, those sex offenders! We seem to know what to […]

Prison Reform: Is “Joe the Boss” Ready for Prime Time?

March 14, 2011


Author: Stan Moody As the first to jump on board in support of the nomination of Joseph Ponte as Commissioner of the Maine Department of Corrections, I am getting the uneasy feeling that he may be inching toward the end of an illustrious career that attracted him to me in the first place. In an […]

Prison Reform: Kicking the “Can” On Down the Road

March 9, 2011


Author: Stan Moody When I began this journey over a year ago, advocating for reform of our prisons, I never dreamed that so arcane and bizarre a subject could become a source of amusement. Despite being a former legislator, I had forgotten the inherent lack of courage on the part of legislators, driving their propensity […]

Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum Politics

March 4, 2011


Author: Stan Moody In 2004, I crossed the legislative aisle from Republican to Democrat, not because I thought the Democrats were any purer than Republicans but because I held contempt for political parties as the distinguishing feature of anybody’s life. The Democrats were in charge, hence a better deal for my constituents, whose access to […]