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Advocacy Group Opposes Bill To Move Prisoners Out of Maine

April 1, 2011


AUGUSTA — The Maine Prisoner Advocacy Coalition (M-PAC) will vigorously oppose a bill that would allow the Department of Corrections Commissioner, for the first time in Maine’s history, to ship Maine’s prisoners to out-of-state corporate prisons “for any purpose,” coalition leaders said Friday. The proposed law, known as L.D. 1095, titled, “An Act to Facilitate the […]

Prison Reform: Kicking the “Can” On Down the Road

March 9, 2011


Author: Stan Moody When I began this journey over a year ago, advocating for reform of our prisons, I never dreamed that so arcane and bizarre a subject could become a source of amusement. Despite being a former legislator, I had forgotten the inherent lack of courage on the part of legislators, driving their propensity […]

Maine Looks Longingly at Casinos and Private Prisons

February 8, 2011


Author: Stan Moody: What has happened to the Maine of our ancestors that once led the nation economically and politically? Some say that rich Republicans milked it dry decades ago by pulling up the economic opportunity ladder behind themselves. Others say the Democrats created a nanny-state that has everyone standing around for a handout. Still […]