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War and Prison: Instruments of Christian Darwinism

April 29, 2011


Author: Stan Moody A wise person once said something to me that I never forgot: “All evil goes back to ‘I want to be somebody.’” Reflect on the evil that has occurred in your own life or on the evil that you have inflicted on others. At the root is the scramble to become or […]

Bill To Fix Maine’s Leper Colony Registry

February 9, 2011


Author: Stan Moody: Seemingly on cue, former Senate Chair of the Maine Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, Sen. Bill Diamond, has introduced a bill to grade the severity of those on the Sex Offender Registry. The Sex Offender Registry, Maine Government’s top Google-ranked site, is a common point of interest for […]

Newt On Prison Reform? Beware Neocons Bearing Gifts!

January 31, 2011


Author, Stan Moody: There are times when even the most political among us are well served by jumping on the non-partisan, moderate bandwagon. There are other times when to do so would be to surrender a good cause to the forces that created the very climate for its need. Turning prison reform over to Newt […]