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Denial Is a River in Gotham City, Maine

March 22, 2011


Author: Stan Moody Syndicated Columnist, Leonard Pitts, recently published a piece, “Telling the truth that no one wants to believe.” It strikes at the heart of what ails America as we lurch from one political extreme to another. Government’s role no longer is the protection of and promotion of the general welfare of its citizens […]

Worried About Lethal Injection Supplies? Help Is On the Way!

March 16, 2011


Author: Stan Moody AOL News, on January 25, published an interesting article about capital punishment in the US being on hold because of inability of private industry to produce the necessary drugs. It seems that Hospira, of Lake Forest, IL, announced last week that because of shortages of raw material supplies, it will go out […]

Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dum Politics

March 4, 2011


Author: Stan Moody In 2004, I crossed the legislative aisle from Republican to Democrat, not because I thought the Democrats were any purer than Republicans but because I held contempt for political parties as the distinguishing feature of anybody’s life. The Democrats were in charge, hence a better deal for my constituents, whose access to […]

Private Prison with a Divine Twist

February 17, 2011


Author, Stan Moody: Prison Reform in Action: The web site’s Home Page begins by asking two rhetorical questions: “What is your passion?” “What will be your legacy?” It calls on individuals to live up to their beliefs. At a time when the passionless, bloated public corrections bureaucracy presides over the 2nd fastest- growing budget in […]

Prison Reform: Breaking The Grip Of The Shadow Government

February 13, 2011


Author, Stan Moody: I received a poignant email from a colleague. She had read my article, Racketeering Charged at Maine State Prison. Her message got my attention: “The same rules that apply in prison have evolved in organized crime…Officers gain strength by creating a ‘selfhood’ out of so-called ‘brotherhood’ because they are incapable of full […]

Prison Reform: Where Is The Church?

February 10, 2011


Author: Stan Moody: Reformer Martin Luther, condemned at the 1521 Diet of Worms trial for daring as a Catholic monk to challenge the Holy Roman Empire on its doctrine of indulgences, wrote, Did we in our own strength confide, Our striving would be losing; Were not the right Man on our side, The Man of […]

Maine Looks Longingly at Casinos and Private Prisons

February 8, 2011


Author: Stan Moody: What has happened to the Maine of our ancestors that once led the nation economically and politically? Some say that rich Republicans milked it dry decades ago by pulling up the economic opportunity ladder behind themselves. Others say the Democrats created a nanny-state that has everyone standing around for a handout. Still […]