Mike Huckabee’s Pro-Slavery Agenda

Posted on January 28, 2011


Author, Stan Moody:

On January 30, Mike Huckabee will make his 13th pilgrimage to Israel – in the genre of the Southern Baptist Convention, the Promised Land. Thirteen trips, and he still has no clue.

Mike Huckabee is and likely will always be a Christian Zionist because “it says so right here,” here being God’s promise to the Patriarch Abraham, as though there has been nothing said since.

I first wrote about Huckabee’s apartheid, pro-slavery agenda on December 20, 2007, in the vain hope that he would wise up before we were saddled with him as President. He now stands as the slight frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2012. His current trip is sponsored by Ateret Cohanim/Jewish Reclamation Project, an organization formed to “buy” property for Jewish homes in East Jerusalem, heretofore exclusively owned by and settled by Palestinians. Let’s say that the word “buy” has less to do with fair market value than about the value of occupied territory.

Thus, Huckabee will be lending his support to the building of illegal settlements. However you define the Promised Land, Palestinian residents on the West Bank and East Jerusalem are in the way. The most facile means of solving the pesky problem of the rights of aborigines to remain in their homeland is to build walls around them, install armed guards and move your people in under protection. America’s expertise in such endeavors was honed with the plains Native Americans and slavery in the South.

The last time America was soon to be relieved of the prospect of Mike Huckabee for President, he said in New Hampshire that he supports a Palestinian state but somewhere outside Israel. He named Egypt and Saudi Arabia as possible alternatives, noting that the Arabs have far more land than the Israelis and that it would be only fair for other Arab nations to give the Palestinians land for a state, rather than carving it out of the tiny Israeli state. Welcome to the simple world of “Them vs. Us.”

In all due respect to Mike Huckabee, this proposal of sorts was trotted out unsuccessfully, thank God, by President Lincoln as the black solution – send them to another place they could call their own country. Huckabee has refined that solution slightly by averring that the Palestinians should not be settled within the boundaries of territory currently controlled (i.e. stolen) by Israel. “The point is that if you try to layer two governments on top of each other, (it would be the same as designating) two owners of the same car.”

Huckabee’s version of Manifest Destiny, ultimately intended to push Native Palestinians into the Jordan River or the Mediterranean Sea, should resonate with the average pickup owner in Arkansas!

There are a number of Christian Native Palestinians on the West Bank, however, who would take exception to such a notion.
Zougbhi Zoughbi, founder and Director of Wi’am, the Palestinian Center for Conflict Resolution and a committed Christian who has been jailed 18 times, is one. “Pack your bags, Zougbhi, you’re headed for the Saudi desert so that Christian America can complete Israel’s prophetic mission and applaud while God destroys them at Armageddon.”

To gentle, forgiving George Sa’adeh, Deputy Mayor of Bethlehem and Principal of a Greek Orthodox high school, “Your story began with a simple shopping trip with your wife and two daughters on March 23, 2003, and ended with 400 bullet holes in your car, your 12-year old daughter Christine dead, and you and her sister Marianna severely wounded, courtesy of exploding bullets from the guns of IDF (Israeli Defense Force) soldiers deployed to protect illegal Israeli settlers. America has its eye on your future!” How long can you tread water?

To Dr. Bishara Awad, founder and President of Bethlehem Bible College, “You have fought a good fight, but you stand in the way of Mike Huckabee’s biblical prophecy and are squatting on God’s and Mike’s Promised Land. Henceforth there is laid up for you an oasis in the Saudi desert.”

To Dr. Mitri Raheb who miraculously survived the Israeli shelling of Manger Square 2 days after Easter, 2002, “Thank you for the Christian International Center and for your good deeds. It will make a great place from which American Christian Zionists can prepare for the Second Coming.”

To the Magi from Persia (Iran) come to see the place where the Christ-child lay, “We are sorry, but there is no place for you in the inn. Please report back to King Herod.”

May God spare America from the simplistic, self-righteous dogma of Mike Huckabee.