Should Maine Gov. Paul LePage Have His Mouth Washed?

Posted on January 26, 2011


Author, Stan Moody:

On the one hand, Maine Gov. LePage doesn’t seem to flinch when he hits the news over some slip-of-the-tongue, so to speak. On the other hand, the notion that reporters and activists are “stunned” into silence when he uses common expressions like, “kiss my butt,” is equally unbelievable. Activists and progressives want a civil Governor at a time when civility seems to be the protector of business-as-usual with little fear of reproach.

Not that this writer is in favor of course language in the halls of power, understand. God forbid!

But come on, folks! I’ve heard enough of you sling around the F-word at will to know that your virgin ears were not violated. LePage’s “kiss my butt” comment was the best thing the NAACP has had going in a very long time – otherwise stifled by civility, civility in some quarters being mired in the state of not being able to say Do-Do with a mouthful.

There is a lot about Paul LePage to be exercised over without feigning shock over 4-letter words from the mouth of our reigning Tea Partyer.

There is his admission that he and his wife file joint tax returns; yet, she is a Florida resident. Did Marden’s pay him through a personal services contract with a Florida corporation? Has any shocked reporter asked to see his Maine tax returns?

There is the matter of his “son,” Devon Raymond, from Jamaica. Did Devon pay tuition to attend Waterville High School?

Has anyone investigated the Florida corporation that was set up and later taken down by LePage’s daughter and the Chief Financial Officer of Marden’s?

How about the sexual harassment complaints against Marden’s filed with the Human Rights Commission? Is anyone onto those?

OK; if it is a juicy story that you want – one that will not require much journalistic effort, I have a good one for you – and it is on tape.

On Thursday, January 20, Gov. LePage gave an interview to Fox News, Portland, ME, that was filmed at a television studio in the Lewiston/Auburn area.The topic of the new policy of state agencies asking for ID in order to screen out illegal immigrants came up. “Why did you take that action, Governor?” A: “Some people on the campaign trail said, ‘I have to show my ID; why not them?’””Them” presumably refers to the preponderance of illegal Canadians ensconced in Maine lumber camps. (Has anybody checked?)

Pressed further: “Do you have an ID that says, ‘Paul LePage, Governor’?” “No; I have an ID that says, ‘Paul LePage, A_ _Hole’.” While such a sentiment is the root of salvation, it is one that is increasingly shared among his fellow-citizens.

Word is that reporters were surprised that the studio refused to run the tape, the reasoning being that the comment was not germane to the interview and that the Governor did not call anyone else an A-H; he called himself an A-H. Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the Governor is disappointed that they didn’t run the piece?

Word is, as well, that reporters were too stunned to respond. Their civility, apparently, was being violated. A missed opportunity, no doubt; but for those less timid, the tape is still there!

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